The novelty of the proposed technology is the application of nanotechnology to the production of thermistors which exploit a different heat transfer methodology from conventional thermal sensors. The product finds diverse applications, such as in the clinical and surgery fields, wound care field, plastic surgery field, theragnostics. Due to the exploitation of an alternative heat transfer method concerning currently available thermal sensors, it is non-invasive, low cost and increases the accuracy of the measurement.
The instrument may be applied to fill a gap in current patient’s monitoring after a skin transplant. The technology may be developed as portable devices and as medical devices.

About us

Skin Plastic Lab is an innovative company with decades of expertise in the electrical engineering field and development of products for the semiconductor industry. The company owns several patents in its field of application. After decades of R&D, Skin Plastic Lab applies its solid know-how to the development of technologies in the field of MedTech exploiting nanotechnology for the development of bio-sensors. The final product is easy to use: an instrument that may be developed both as a portable device or as a medical device and applied to a broad range of fields in the dermatology/medical fields.

TARGET MARKET: The company, through its technologies targets the following markets:

The plastic-surgery market: this market shows a TAM of 26b USD and projects a CAGR of 5.7% on average until 2026


This innovative technology, at TRL 7 of development, allows creating an instant thermographic digital image of the area in contact as accurate as 0.01 Celsius degrees with an easy-to-use and re-usable device connected to a normal PC: Thermal Matrix.

There are different areas of a diagnostic and clinical study that can benefit from the use of the product:

  • Skin implants: to measure the blood perfusion;
  • The study of the chronic wound’s evolution;
  • The study of infected areas;
  • The study of inflammation areas;
  • The study of postural imbalances

Skin Plastic Labs technologies are directed to the following markets: 

  • Wound Care and Plastic
  • Surgery diagnosis
  • Cell Scaffolds
  • Tissue banks


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